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Model: K31

Motor: 1 Phase, 3.6kw, 230v

Amps: 16

Air Flow: 600 m³/h

Vacuum: 220 mbar

Filter: 3.8 m², >99.97% @0.3 um

Weight: 52 kg

Dimensions: 70 x 61 x 148cm(up)  /  70 x 61 x 115cm(down)

DASHCLEAN K31Single-phase Dust Extractor

  • uperior suction power in a strong and flexible three-motor vacuum. K31 with industrial motors installed on top, are compact, vertical design. The top motor head is a complete steel construction featuring superior sturdiness and heat diffusivity. K31, designed with a balanced combination of airflow and vacuum, are ideal to support mid-size concrete floor grinders.

    K31 is packed with a HEPA filter. It can separate dusts at an efficiency >99.97% @0.3um, securing a high standard of safety.

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