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Model: G22 Dual motor

Motor: 1 Phase, 110 volt

Amps: 14

Air Flow: 400 m³/h

Vacuum: 220 mbar

Pre Filter: 3.2 m², >99.5% @1.0 um

HEPA Filter: 2.4 m², >99.99% @0.3 um

Weight: 50 kg

Dimensions: 63 x 56 x 122 cm.

DASHCLEAN G22 Single-phase HEPA Dust Extractor

  • G22 is a two-motor HEPA dust extractor, which features a two-stage filtering system including a conical main filter and two HEPAs. 

    Equipped with two HEPA filters which are individually tested and certified complying with H13 EN1822:2009, G22 separates 0.3um dust with an efficiency >99.99%, securing a high standard of quality and safety. G22 complies with OSHA regulations for concrete dust handling.

    With its unique “reverse-air” jet-pulse filter cleaning system, G22 cleans the filter in an easy and effective way. With the system, you don’t have to take the hose off the inlet and then block the inlet in order to conduct a filter cleaning, which usually creates another dust hazard. You just simply close the inlet by lifting the open/close handle before operating the filter clean.


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